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Gender Fluidity is Fashion Fluidity

Defined properly, gender fluidity means that a person is flexible about their gender identity, rather than committing to a single gender. In simpler terms gender fluidity means that the individual is non-binary, meaning they don’t identify with one particular gender, but instead fluctuate between and express gender as they please. Non-binary individuals can sometimes be genderless, and express themselves as who they feel their inner self is at the time.

Unlike previous eras of people who have criticized this lifestyle, our generation has grown to accept. Rising in the social sphere as a popular topic, gender fluidity, as well as transgender roles and other topics relative, are being discussed more openly than ever before. Supportive organizations have increased the public’s knowledge of these topics that can be somewhat tricky to understand, leading the way for broader gender and sexuality education.

Compared to the social roles of past generations, today’s generation is riding a wave of social acceptance, which can be seen by the rising popularity of gender fluid clothing. We seek to break outdated stigmas concerning gender roles and responsibilities of women and men, to develop a more fluid and inclusive future. An era filled with Millennials and Generation Z babies, has worked tirelessly to develop a society that progressively chooses to accept individuals for who they are, no matter what sexual orientation or gender identification. Movement towards a more gender fluid society has created platforms for LBGTQ individuals to thrive and fully express their personality freely and to the fullest, more so than ever before. A sign of such positive rise in social development is shown by the rising popularity and production of clothing that is free from general gender expectations. This type of clothing is an innovative and necessary development in our world filled with self-expression and forward-thinking fashion.

In a way, women dressing in clothing with mens silhouette has slowly been on the rise of normality for some time; exemplified by the trend check of oversized t-shirts in casual dress and streetwear. But if a woman walks into a corporate office in a suit that is not tailored to a woman's silhouette, some piercing eyes and soft whispers are bound to happen. For men, it truly is a much slower change towards acceptance. Only in the realm of high fashion, or generational rap culture does it seem normal for a man to throw on a dress or fitted blouse. Societal expectations can hinder those who desire to break them, not out of spite or rebellion, but simply to be comfortable in their skin or develop an outfit that makes others snatch their wigs. It doesn't matter what you identify, or what personality is like, we should be given every opportunity to express ourselves in a fashion that makes our insides scream happy thoughts that feed a confidence otherwise, unmatchable.