Date Night 1999

To show off your inner BOSS, forgo the dress and put on a tailor-made suit to let your date know you mean business. A plaid pantsuit or skirt suit emulates the powerful positions women began to hold during the ’90s and should be carried to women's fashion today as a reminder of the focused women and confident women. Your date or colleagues should be amazed by your tenacity and vintage style by showing up to the event in a form-fitting power suit.

Stylist/Team Creators

Casey Thompson

Paris Rose

Morgan Bennett


Kimera Gonzalez

Ben Spaulding

Megan McDougall


Anna Wilkinson

Aly Williams 

Aaron Bellovich

Paige White

Zhiane Dempsey

Ryan Rico

Landon Hunter

Malik Kelley

Sergio Covarrubias

Braden Smithson

Kelsey Rice

DeLesia Johnson